tiistai, 14. elokuu 2018

About the Nature of Suffering

withholdLove the way you turn your head.

While I've been sleeping you have already made it clear..

Get you up.

What gets you up?

Short answer must be hands and knees, twisting of my gut.


Long answer is yours, and I'm fucking angry!


(let us just touch, withhold touch and look into each others eyes

Back into the corner are all your hopes petrified. Spittling through saliva from grinning teeth.

For you to meet.

And then they hurt.

And then they hurt.

And then they hurt.

Let there be light.

keskiviikko, 4. heinäkuu 2018

Lihaa ja Tarantinen jättikolibri

Meitä on kaksi kulkijaa.

Toisen nim ion aika.

Kolmannen nimi on tuhoja.....


"Ukneudsestu hi sybib ensunnöuben stansa tuhhhhhhhhhhhh"

"Pitkin tietä taipuisaa. se ylös ja alas kumpuilee. Unohtamattaaöoigiu-hsssss ÖLKNBjäviuvcnbmvc..."


Oh god! nyt ne leikkaa nuo varpaatkin ja matoja.... heh vain matojaaaaa perkeleeeagöhofffffffffffffffffinbviac .,mx..."





perjantai, 22. kesäkuu 2018

He Was There.

At the Battle of Cannea.

Romans were fighting for their lives. As one did during this time in history.

They buried...

they buried their heads in the sand instead of perishing to the Carthaginian onslaught.

Laughing it cut them down, and urged the Iberians on.

torstai, 14. kesäkuu 2018

Beating about the poem




As we grew taller,

the world grew smaller,

If only for the little things, our illusions split

Ancients words



A translation of an image of a mirage. Flowing through my lips.

I am sure that I saw a spider seven feet tall.

I would touch its legs and curl into a ball.

Ancients works



The barrier of the blasted land. I will for more humanity.

You are my beloved. Love. Life. Eternal.

Worthiest of whispers.

torstai, 14. kesäkuu 2018

So Nought, ache at the well (1/?)


A paladin travels fast on, steadfast.


Stop sneering. An ancient road, cobbled of stone. *hush* Let them lay themselves upon our ears...



A crossway.


A broken tree across the road. Bones thrown about like ...




She steps up from the stir-ups and tenderly scales down from the back of the saddle.

The saddle is one of those embroidered fancy things, with silver studs and golden paint. Her banner is the Talapian Snake and its' s formssss are painstakingly working their way up her back like some kind of a living thing.

"Draw! Clossseeer, I want to tell you about the knight..."

And then as the grass waves as if for a sigh.

Slither, skitter... some feelings best lef untold.


"Stay your words! Beast!", she spittless the words through trembling gauntlet.




It burst from the sand. Yelling in her mind, clawing at form. Distorting vision and mind. A killer of killers.




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