Not a dream. I wonder...


A street followed by a stutter
Exultation for starting to feel... nothing.


Is it going to be this until the end of you?


A bus stop of people to push you on.

3-D vision for the shower curtains.
Cut 5 centimeters off.
What? Why? How?


The knife is strong

Behind these looking glasses we are.
Looking at ourselves.


A party with deafening music.

Just laying there.

A warm tremble of the hand.

Streetlights and their promise of blinding silence


Opening the door it exits the building. There is a path, many even, stamped in snow.

Do unto yourself, before wanton another.
For, lovers love unconditionally.
Travel the Charon path.

Save something of yourself.
Because letting go is The Nothing...

Smoke swirling like unkissed lips.
Save something for the rest of us.
A payment for your eyes.

Catch the bus or the elevator. Nothing is forbidden.
"Exultation Way".




"The truest of assassins is denying that it should not be. Be it an Idea or a Flower. We are bound to find the journey and grow beyond."

- Anonymous