Picturesque cadaverous cavernous going deep down A path,

a different meaning.


It was.


Me looking at me in the mirror.


So how do you like it? When we do aha aha ahahaa to each other?


Sinking, fang and body.


Show you how you should fucking live!

Show you how you should fucking live!


Shoulder the heart. Hear the beat. Quell the rhytm.




(Meaning: "a small stream or rill, typically one that flows through marshy ground and is often dry in summer.

Coll. "Got you! (in the context of not meaning what was previously said to be untrue/in jest")



A shallow stream is best for a washing the dirt away. Kneeling down to drink is better.

Oars for hands one last time. I love you.

Come with me says the winking eye, and I can. Scent of you has entranced me again.

You are not here for me. But the knowing of you wanting me to stay,


Fills me with resolve for every day.