AnD the Dais Eve’D is ForgetfULL.

BeqUile The pRosprEcScibed Pad ...taciturniquETts…


Bard breaks another circuit “Sssh, I am seeing a gap to one of my stories, need to link. There is the need to link.”

Conduit whispers “Stories deserve to be sewn.”



”from fabric unknown!”

“For a glimpse of anemone!”

Wistfully, “And the smell of windflowers...”


Die of yOur igNOrance, iT’s alREADy...


 The static growls



A yank and a twist; the horrid wilting sounds are silenced.


“What is that on your neck?”


The darkness can’t hide her smile.

“I can hear them too.”

Antediluvians, brethren... survivors.


This belongs here.

This amazing picture tutorial from here.