Stepping through is half the pain.

nevermind... i guess... I just reached a cul-de-sac

Just give, me back my life.


The yards are left, unkept.

"there is a basement in my house. it is for storing things and i have never put anything in there"

It has roots,k, i think because the trees are growing outside...

they have to take root somewhere?

moving the  lawn, it takes 2 parts of me

because the grass grows stronger behind the house


The back of the house is at the top of a hill, it is dotted with small trees so one could hide in them...

So I was mowing the lawn, it was growing aggressive and we had to take it away...

we had to take it away....

(all the way through the fucking hit I had to take.)

(I am not a man)

aLbEiT sO Tthe leaves, I don't want to talk about it anymore...

I saw my mother dragged outside by her hair and that is not something I can forgive.

She blamed me.

She cried..

I died inside.

My consolation is a poem. By the wake.