Must he be so nasty?

Never see.


Angry words will sway,

a bitter fruit again,

God be damned.

Fuck you, fuck you, fuck...

After a while she got used to it.

Getting hit in her face,

I mean,

Like it was 2029.

She was never quite the same.


You fucken children.

We are here to kill you.

We are going to to talk talk talk,

down downsow,

sow the stiches.

This must have been everything you were looking for!

Only a kilometer. . If only...

I would crawl back,

I would crawl on hands and knees.

I would kneel,

Your prayers are not helping me.

You're the hands.

There he is!


Walking around the graves

Shoveling snow.

To make paths anew.

Shouts are pfttt...

even inane.

Because he cannot choke!

He id... he ...

she hid... she...

he did... he...

Just a card drawn from the deck.

You've played your part, ok

I can not undestand, I will never be able to...

I strangled a part out of my brother.

Travelling the bridge at the speed of pain has never felt this ...


Climbing this hill in the the dark has become a most savory...


So as the sounds die down.

And he's been laid low.

I gaze up for one moment.

For someone who could save us...

There were no robots, no god, only me killing my brother.