My name is Brigid, later Hekoolas. I go by a different name today.

That is to stay, no say, I'm from irradiate immaculate.


Warmth of gaze has fallen upon me so I can't be less.

When I look at a mirror I see a sprightly young woman.

Living blonde, pretending to be breathing, trying my hand at inhabiting a nice suburban area.

A garden surrounded by woods and chirping squirrels.

Four cats named after types of hats and also a puppy to dote.


I lease the guest house adjoining my home.

My only true sun is my son.


His father is here, but I was too weird to let him stay.

I dream of my sisters, even during slumber.


Toni said that his life changed when he saw him.

Those tiny hands that are grasping at understanding; learning.


Vices are shadows and his was the needle.

Blood in, evanescence out; a long sigh but not for my sons eyes.


Then the neighbourhood pets, and ours too, started disappearing and shadows darkened.


It’s funny until it happens to you. The horror movie you laugh at. Staring at the windows wondering when...


Augury of the Tarot. I pretend to be afraid. But I still pray to my sister by the moonlight.


Inhale, expel.

Caress the vessel.