Traipsing around the cemetery feels profane.

So I do it.

They dragged me out of the woods.

So screw him.

I’m looking for company of the sordid kind.

So Magus found a Seer.

Musings by the mausoleums

Trying to solve riddles in the dark

Dead the only audience, Keating, Evans… even Howard.

runastray living, our sustenance

He was elder, wise.

Said he’d been a slave during his bright life days,

and after as well.

Baron wouldn’t have it any other way.

Shadows were his consort.

Of cruel things and medieval will,

it saw torture as sport.

Blood bound is choices shorn.

My companion decided to confide in me.

Removes a clasp and illusions fade.

I’m not pleasing to look at.

Age gnawed me into a thing,

before my becoming.

I’m not pleasing to the eye.

Who would friend such as I?

Gaze shifting, questioning.

I do not smile. My face is a mask.

I might be malkavian, but not mad.

Our nights together, you’ve been guarded, sad.

My lover, my undying fool.

We howl at the moon.

It’s the saint of unburdened kindred spirits.

Another dawn.

It will be the bitter cup once again.

"In demoniorum memoriam."


Palaamme takaisin alkuun.