It was meant to be just a goof. No house could be bigger on the inside than outside. A laughable thought at best. Well, we might have been deep into our cups with Jossu when we took the measurements. Tiina laughed at us when we divined few centimeters more from the upstairs children’s room to bedroom. Afterwards we warmed up the sauna and went to bed.

Claws clack behind me

they are there.

Should I wake you too because there is a hole in the wall?

I crawl inside, it rasps my knuckles white

The paleness accentuates the light.

And there are pools of water in this labyrinth with shiniest of ceilings

I pray for Zampano’s killer to come for me

After the plunge through there are stairs that turn into a cavern

My chest starts to hurt along the rhythm of my breathing

Still going forward but it’s getting tighter by the minute

I squirm further along,, although with bloodied hands

Something is following me, can’t turn my head

Sounds fade behind and stop abruptly

Days go by; conversing with gravel

Has this twisted into my skin

Why do I even tell myself

Surfaces are gloomy

Shining with color

Crack in the wall

My eyes sting

It bites hard