It couldn't have been!
a morning of mourning

was it valor that shone
shone through me

woven of dreams
drenched in dust
yesterday's pallor that drove
drove me with lust

something too wild too vague
craving isn't an award graving
for this age nor time

before you write learn to read
beast of burden
within me they say (sing)

It began
with reluctance of wovels
and consonants, participants
creating worlds of recluse

go-betweeners fighting desire get
buried softly whatever they're fed
brainchild humour in utero tumor
cried i'm not your leash
inkless and burned for release

moonfaced smiles and indifferent temples
saint of sanity levies before me
hallucinations of intoxicated mind
don't be afraid of flowery sunsets
marvel at the frail beauty that precedes them