Flickering droplets of light travel slow and illuminate even the mightiest of pyramids.

Bareknuckle absurdities, agony in reverse.

Carcinogenic coupling with diversionary blame.


Grandiose things executed in surgical axis, howling arson bottled and ground to shimmering shards.


Plastic bribery; heretically noble and agonizingly groovy.

One bliss under rainfall.

Fiberglass bluebirds came a baffling blockade.


Already demolishment looms over the distilled fracture; a cognitive clinic for the nominally sane.


Bite that takes.

Just all it takes, for the shivering plunge.

Finite preciousness, a touch on the hips.

Draw breath as though you were in flames and drink from those lips.



"I see you watching where I walk
Through the moonlit jasmine field
Listen closely as I talk
About the stars and their lovers past..."