[Musiikkia, lähinnä mulle itelle.]

Same difference, all about outcomes; it's this same fight again.

The car crashes and I'm enveloped by the metal, crèche for skin and bone. Organs too.

There was a thought left unfinished, deafened by rending forces that I will never know.


Pain subsides for a moment, but returns with a dull throb of a welcoming stare.

There is blood involved, mouthful of broken teeth stare at me from a shattered mirror.

It moves, flapping flesh crawling away from the heat back home.

For hours I fall fall fall fall fall...

As I breathe in death, I hate that it becomes me so well.

The fire has died in the cold sleet that pelts my face.

Dragging, A child of Gaia takes a portion, but only a morsel.

Must have been addled in the brain to leave a kine live?

I am most uncomfortable for a few days as the Shadow Dancers have their way with me.

I'm truly one with the Wyrm now. Wyrmfood forever.

I stay in the cabin built for me and during the day I hunt for them; men and beast as a demonslave.

No longer part of anything until she came and shared the porch with me.

She called me old, I fled into the woods, shod my skin and returned to avenge the insult.

She was sleeping. I became the bear whose food, lodgings and fangs fit her well enough.

Moss gathers, hiding the car day by day. I'm filled with dread watching it go away.

For a brief period of years I was happy to listen, not angry at anything, nothingness. Nirvana.

She would be my release. This kindred in spirit if not in essence.

Stupid of me to presume that I was more, a fetch at best. So within and without me she remade herself.

This man with a woman's soul. At least.


On a branch
floating downriver
a cricket, singing.

- Kobayashi Issa (Translated by Jane Hirshfield)