Queen has gathered the finest bards and minstrels to the court.

It is a different time, a different place. Someone taking your... face.

A contest of would be held and the boynty would be great. Half the kingdom, a hand in marriage, glory immemorial to be had.

Consume the flagellants. Too close to call. Fare thee undone is your facade.

Naturally this interested many who coveted the price. One of these was a simple ditch digger. Lets call him... Alan. Alan the ditch digger, how's that a name for a troubadour? Is it?

Only thing required was a song. The one found most pleasing would win.


A mount for nothing. Amount for nothing. Neologism rears its beautiful head. Underwakenings pivot to this time, this place.

Iron, blood and taste of vomit mix in her mouth as she tries to spit them out, but she cannot. Her neck is swollen shut and the Craddler releases its grip and lets her fall back into the bathtub. Great gulps of filth rush to drown her. She flails feebly back to surface, the rusty metal scraping her hands raw anew. And as she drools the foul liquids out of the orifices in her head, a voice speaks. 

"Had a nice dream did you? Many more to follow. Let's not rush into things we might regret later" It whispers.

Door opens. Door closes.

(tarinan runko muistiinpanoista - kieliasu!)

- Haggard Man, Warlock, Gentleman-in-waiting

- The "Greatest tunes" :) , The "Best voice", The "Eloquent words"

- kolome voimaesinettä: vitsa, lintu ja kirja

- Hinta: Three memories, (name, ditch, craddler) (???)

- loppukohtaus(kin?) - vrt. lumikki/ruusunen satu, grimmin kehrääjät, tittelintuure

- käännekohdan siloittelua

- viimeinen loukkaus ja ruma loppu :(

- 28.8 versio 0.2

- 3.9. versio 0.3