My name is Nathan Caltrop.

I never had to recharge my phone. 

It is a gift. I could power a car's starting engine with a touch.


I dreamt of a man with a sword that gave me a sigil that I could "use to contact him".

It resembled a 


*Beep Beep Beep*


"I saw you.

I saw you.

I saesdf.........m"


That was the whole message. 


Me in my underpants with my dick in my hand already browsing porn, was not ready for this.

Threw the phone away from me.

It throbbed with something eerie. 

The message said "I'm really horny and near you."


The images I had seen in the little app were stuff of nightmares for sure.

Effin' circles of hell shit.


Grappling with my trousers I consoled myself out of bed and took another look at the discarded phone.

Grabbed it on my way out.

I was running and crying while punching his number.

I'll be there


A few steps toward out on the walkway.


I could feel its breath.

"I'm 1m away and horny still"


"Oh god!"