At the Graveyard of Forgotten Minds


Wailing voices in my bed

                                                  I shouldn't have come

                                                                                              I just miss my head

Mad-one through the dark

many stories, skin of bark

and the dance, what a lark


   Sharp eyes of Koidos

   the way our minds turn

   dropped the hand that burns

   just a promise of illumination


      Pedestals are not for you

      falsified one

      I feel you are breaking

      I even helped a little


         While they strike you down

         wound around beautiful barbwire

         raised atop our craven deeds                                                   and here she bleeds...


                                                           we are forgotten

                                                          no thoughts to sing us praise

                                                         children dream of us

                                                          we are forgotten


         Can you forget eternity

         how to blame divinity

         and the promise of virginity


      Azmaen of the hallucination

      where are your breaths now

      no one remembers even how

      just a promise of illumination


   machine bitches leer

   your father is here

   I hope you stumbled

   I hope you even felt shame

   his shoulders humbled

   all this time, led astray                                                                          and here she sleeps...


                                                          we are forgotten

                                                          no throats to sing us praise

                                                          animals worship us

                                                          we are forgotten