When It empties it is gone. Cannot give no more.

Fuck the spouts, fuck the rivers, fuck the whole fucking world.

That's a whole 'lotta fucking for one mouth don't you think.

What if we try a different song? Cannot go much verse.

Cherish the moment, cherish the time, cherish the unfathomable word.

That's a whole 'lotta loving for one mind don't you think?

Well do you!

Prison envelops, sun burns with each mocking ray,

while it marches measuring the prison wall.

Still failed to make a happy face, but only on the outside that matters most?

Oh, that old thing. You thought you could slide that one beside the post?

Let's leave it at that. And call it a caper. A little bit dull and insincere.

You wouldn't believe the things that some of my most cherished fuckers say every day.

And oh boy was it fun. No. Not supposed to be. Just got one unlife to give.

Escaping was easy. Escaping was impossible.

I will rip his beautiful head off for the transgression.

"Ich komme heute abend. Sie nicht sterben, bevor ich es tue."



"Do you see that snowflake that falls at your window side? See the elegant six sided pattern? The beauty held in the symmetry of the edges of the pattern? Those intricate spacings measured in perfection to the last millimetre? In the intricate, six sided pattern that you see, I can find the day you will die Kindred."

- Musings on the maladies of Malkavian.