Sibling uncivility unparalleled.

Just a week and you turned my hell into your hell.

So my manor was in disarray. With the help of my friends in the shadows, we dropped on them like atom bombs.

Celerity unparalleled. While I held his gaze from afar.

Sitting was this throne-puppet with my nightmares inside.

Explode-dead his head. His new primogen ended, captured or wyrm-ether.

Never deal with a Malkavian. We have the strangest desires.

And funny alliances.

*tisk tisk*

says the mouth.

*Crick crack*

says the wrist.

"Let's get the one with no leash. Sheriff must die NOW! Blood! Mine!"

Then I took a bath.

What do five thousand fathoms of sea say to a kindred?

Bye bye...



And they asked Caine the old Father,
"Why do you command us to not Embrace
those we love?''

And Caine said to them, "Love is the sweet rain
which falls down from the One Above.
Love is the gift of life.
Remember ye not Uriel's Curse?
That we are to eat only ashes, drink only blood?
Blood is not sweet rain. Our drink takes Life."

- Book of Nod


 "And that's not why... the WHY I kill, haha."

- Sara