In the impossible vastness, realities bend.


Sorry I must amend myself... no gather my thoughts.

My name is Paul Bennett, Master Concordiat, that is a civil rank and my call-code is sigma-tau-Frost-seven.

I'm stationed as the psy-tech officer on the LWSS Hummingbird, a Javelin class exploration vessel.

We've got a crew of three that cycle between stasis while the Caretaker runs the day to day operations.

When I... when we woke up that is, the ships systems were inoperational. None of our implants worked anymore.

Scott, that is Lt. Scott Galor, had to use a scrounged-up bypass kit so we could get to ops.

A planet too close, Alexandra Bolivier, that is Admiral Second tier, and our mission commander stepped up and manually turned our descent into a gentle orbit.

It is covered with multiple light bubbles . A dyson sphere of magnitude that it must have taken galaxies worth of material to build. Our sensors cannot detect anything. The tech is just too advanced. Black shapes shimmer out of it at a regular pace

Scott gathered up armaments and took out a shuttle, "For recon." Before I could beg him not to go Alex shut me up with a wave of her hand. I said I wanted to join the mission.


We went further. Visions came at us like heatwaves.

We approached this thing and docked. I cannot remember most of it. What I do remember that there were these great halls just for torture. And the shimmering things are ships that bring living beings with them.


There was this great sewing machine that made quilts out of different alien bodies. A cloud of brilliant dots came out of a funnel and it reorganized Scott into what looked like a macabre chair. I sat on it for days. Only my psy-tech training allowed me to distance myself enough to stumble back to escape. They were watching and allowed me to go!

Alexandra cried when she saw my face. And she was the strong one. I cannot speak anymore. This is a my last message. I hope that it reaches you.

We are experiencing an event horizon. Sending location coordinates. Please do not come here. Ever. Pray.