Wry has the field sought its legacy,

born out of discrepancy.

How small it is and seems?

Can we kneel if you kneel?

The sun bleeds.

There was once upon...

The forced, dragged fist-fight I dare not win.

Born out of your gemini enmity.

Felt like a betrayer, protecting accidentally.

Gods know what will...

The morning sobs heavenly,

cutting some time away from a carcass for all to see.

So tell me. Do you?

Your fucking needs can never satisfy my!


(listen closely)

And when all that is spent and appraised.

There was enough pedantry.

For you to discern, tear apart and nail; orgone effigy.

Something you can never **** readily.

Has become a blistering beat of hooves upon the roof, a devilry!

A shadow that stares at you in the corner testily.

It doesn't, and cannot grasp...


And t nvr hs...


Love. Maters. Most Have Had None And I Weep For Them


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