You took ahold of me and said we should go!

I stood still confused.

Perdition! I howled showering and cursed flegm fell.

I regurgitate stories of Estonian devils.

Guide to demonology and their jests also.

The dirge of an alarm bell and Morricone

fill my ordinary day.

I trace the lines of a collapsed mill,

its inhabitants without shelter, just an investment unholy?

Sheep lie on the field silent and still.

Upon the foundations of ruin, even a murderer's feet let no sound.

A boast built within treachery echoes through the swamp.

Though prepared for everything.

Houses burn, and kinglings kneel for crowns anew.

Forced recruitment and a wooden eye gawk; vindicate and gyrate.

The mountains ascendant's fear has secretly turned to hate.


Jos on vain aikaa tappaa?