It started with crooked horn,

playful snatching, tearin soun...

Hi. Hello. We've never met before. At least I don't quite recall it.

Quite accurately.

Are... So what's your name? Beg your pardon?

Nah, it's okay. I don't know anyone here too. Let's keep it a secret.

Oh, so you've been having a good time lately.

Cool, +1

So, you've been to that table yet?

They're serving some wonderful beverages and nibbles that just. Melt. In. Your. Mouth.

Oh, *haha* names have meaning you know

Nomen est omen.

(And all that bullshit you can google.)

You want to talk about shoes.


Dance the dance Lamarre.

It doesn't.

You can climb a million shapes. And you are still there...

An avalanche of verisimilitude

And cover me in kisses and caress.

Please do.

And throw my own words, back at me? I guess, sticks-n'stones.

Keep on talking, while I'm having ((this inner monologue) just a good time with you))

Look into my eyes, lover.

Is there anything left.


Was there anything to lose?

Never forgot.


When I wanted U you gave me G. Minor mistake. Well bach....!