The spring came fall in retrospect

Bury me in shallow snow

If I could beg for a hand

Would it reach me in time?

Through time

Will it bring back the things we shared?

Would it matter?

Even for a blink of an eye that

Sheds a tear for feeling forgotten

No. Stop. Lying.

Floating. It's bliss.

The clear stream will never leave

Me wanting

For you are you eternal

And it's a beautiful day

And this, this is my truth

I promised myself upon a windowsill

Staring at the moon over a canal

I would never let myself

Fall astray

Even when you feel like you are an

Ashtray to the world

Cradling burned cigarettes

These knots were fashioned by design

Enforced upon maybe, but still mine

When will it end?

I never say never

Broken is this machine mending

Oh so slowly remembering

What it's like to stand tall

Most won't make the fall

I scratched your name on my leg today

But even that, I failed to let you stay.

Cruel are the games we pray.

Make ourselves the prey.