(A predatory dream)


A house so crooked, it makes a face,

two eyes, pointing towards the gleeful fleeting streets.

The library swallows, in the palest palpable moonlight the plight...

A lingering yearning for a tumultuous suffrage, goes a long way

Muttering killgore staggering for comfort and warmth; astray

Silent mouthing until you say anything, I will stay my breath.

My words are meaningless to you, my songs become a whisper.

A scathing sweep, oh just an .... inch...


Ants have fought ages for a time, to see the others

Carry their own mother to be consumed!

Let''s not start where fey fell,

a glamor, and a head, is enough,

for a partial display.

we should not.

go too far.


To be consumed.

A denial of the moon, gives everything after you crawl

You're still moving with these spindly limbs up the wall

On crooning of your mouth you are the succumburant!

They bleed taste; the taste of

They need waste; the taste of

an ashtray.


Better this way.


"Because we were a shoal of piranha, and the hydra...

... had her way already."