Walking through the town, he made a spectacle.

a small girl jumps upon the throng. An orphan trying to take a peek.

"Is that The Great Man?"

"Yes, we must bow", said a man with warrior tattoo's on his face, kneeling.

She stepped on his knee and watched over the crowd.

"So, why...oh... his hair is made of gold! He is pretty!" 

"keh, child, keh", another large man with tattoos appeared near the girl.

"We must go. We must try.", he said. A dark stare. He snatched her up and fled.

The tattooed man yelled after them, but turned away, the killing had already started.

They managed a few blocks without incident.

Girl touched the man's face as he helped her down from his knee.

"Will you make it?"

"One way or the other. My name is Vyraj, now go. Seek your mother and pray."


As he disappeared the girl shuffled her sandals for a while and then kicked a rock against the limestone wall.

"My name is Katelma."