Love is sickness of Saul.

Totally into that, love I mean, maybe a bit.


Words not said carry weight.


Tick tock says the clock

What ever, tears are for those that fear

Anointementaliasons of the bloom

Kills all thoughts in a womb.


Appearances amended without faith.


But the sands of time have no say

Because this is the thought that betrays.


I want everything to be one part of you and you only

So listen closely.


And remain.

Drawn conclusion and screams

Will haunt me again.

For wolves are about to start.

Rend mind from limb.


I will end it with a backhanded argument

A revel, in my sin

Closer still.


And just like that, I am gone.

All that can be killed.


To keep forth.


Nothing becomes a no-thing.

Not so good at this, white-knuckled Ulerian proficiency.

Garden of Disma, how silly of me, still near root.


Caress, take a part of it away, as clothes and shoestrings.

Cut a heart, a piece of wit and eat.


For Heini, may the gods show her gratitude for her fortitude.