• "Ladies may have a fit upstairs." -- A sign outside a Hong Kong tailor shop.
  • "Here speeching American." -- A sign in a Majorcan shop entrance.
  • "Please do not feed the animals. If you have any suitable food, give it to the guard on duty." -- A sign in a Budapest zoo.
  • "For your convenience, we recommend courteous, efficient self-service." -- A sign in a Hong Kong supermarket.
  • "In case of fire, do your utmost to alarm the hotel porter." -- A sign in a Vienna hotel.
  • "Stop. Drive sideways." -- A detour sign in Japan.
  • "Special Today - no ice cream" -- A sign at a Swiss inn.
  • "You did not report yourself by the Alien police. You have to do this in a short time, otherwise you get troubles! When you don't come to our office, we demand you to come! And when you don't come again, you maybe have to pay a fine, and it is possible that you will be expanded." -- A letter sent by the Rotterdam (Netherlands) foreign police to someone who did not show up for a registration appointment.