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An old story drafted/"shafted" in to the form of a drabble.


/ Drifting Into Situations
08.03.2006 - 02:45

Original push came form her. / Alkysysäys ideaan tuli häneltä (tarkastakaa blog/ check her blog fer' crissake).

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Seven line novel has been writen with the following guidelines.

1. A depiction of surroungings
2. Somebody does something.
3. Somebody says something.
4. Somebody says something.
5. A surprising turn.
6. Somebody does something.
7. A depiction of surroundings.


Landfall on a cusp of a lifeless peninsula.

The Sky Craft spewed forth folk withered with illness and grief.

“Should we put down anchor here?”, coughed the first hopefully.

“Will we find comfort and could finally stay?” , she repeated for who knows how  a many times.

And stood up despite her disease-ridden body and was allowed to run beyond the cliffs ,giddy, nevertheless.

Captain forbade, gently but with a stern look, anybody else from descending the rope-ladder ashore.

The Sky Craft fled beyond the darkening clouds, sheltering them into its bosom, forlorn, before any cries for help could be heard.



 *Snifff* But It's a beautiful world still... aint it.

I promised to put it up and this is the best t-slation I can come up with.

And I like it.

Edit (27/01/2010): But I did not like the spelling mystakes and "it/he misspellings" so I corrected them...actually a complete overhaul because the 1.0 version was utter *hit, enjoy ;)

Edit (09/02/2013): Redidit. Se on nyt valmis.