*Unceremonious and candid." *keep to yourself*

Thought the windowsill. *she forswore*


Snarling attacking the wyrm.


A telling story.




Please stop dying, you are keeping the mooncycle running.*




"Hey wake the fuck up, and get out! You smell like shit for ...."


I go forth and fumble for the car door and slough out.


She moves faster than the the the...


They are near. Not far enough...


I jump up and the horrible snarling kin catches me in mid-air.



*gurgle* Silenced.


the spit and bile is lodged into the throat gathering... filling... suffocating...

Against the sky, with it; stars. Omens. Dreams. Fears. Pierce.


Eyes darken.


Rage. Cannot move. I béo stalu.

I'm dragged further towards the car compactor. She's pounding me up n' down as she goes, dragging me across the gravel. I can smell her. She raises me up easily, and as I flail my limbs she quickly knees me in the stomach and I'm starting to drown on my own spit once again...

Let it all go and try to retch.

Manage swallowing half of it.


The sharp stones rip at my clothes as it flails me like a ...


~Hurt, I guess I lost consciousness~


"This unmarked wolf tried to cross the border!", only a faint thud sounding in what is left of my senses, it passes for a ....

Somebody kicks me.

The pain turns into a staccatto.


~still fading in and out, but getting better~


A few shadowy forms with ill-formed faces slip in and out of my vision to converse with her.


I empty myself. On the gravel.


a second(?) later my spine cracks against the huge machine.


"So what the fuck are you doing here!." there is a sharp push to both mind and body.


"Let go. Wyrm." I snarl.


As I push back.


With all my Gnosis, Fang and Claw.


May Ahroun guide!






My brother he died the other day.


YOU ... are still my lovely ones.


I a, useless. There is ...