A machine that tells you the sum of its parts is whole.

Mending the rending resounding memory sans soul.

Premonitions, are prickly closed lips.

The tower will purely fall at any utterance.

Its joy, or holier praise! ah! Surely this were governance.

Called its name after his own name and the name of his entity engine.

My body to thee is sound, cracked or flawed.

Let's go anyway.


"Ur-"  Prefix. Forming words with the sense of ‘proto-, primitive, original’.

Suora lainaus Oscar Wilde:ltä viidennessä rivissä, "Humanitad".

Toiseksi viimeinen rivi kuuluu (yhden sanan vaihdolla) Shakespear:lle, "Love's Labour's Lost".

Ja viimeinen rivi Ministrylle.

Vivaldi - Winter: Presto

Ja alkusysäyksestä kiitos Davey Wredenille.

This is not for you. Never was.