Metal on bone, sawing motion of the spine crushing,

sparks faster burning cornea to crisp glass.

Always understood how he could,
Mean so little to so many
Why does he mean nothing to me?

It is worth the pain, with no one to blame?

Just an eye that is a mirror ascendant.


Definitely no, goes the song, oh-no no.

Not for you, never, too much really.


Let me have this burning moment, it feels like...

It feels like the walls are moving through me.

A while there I thought what it would taste like.

What would be the song, a primal shriek?


Reverberating around the rising towers of mortar stabbed with wounds of light.

Enveloping and cradling the trapped; they declare themselves alive at dawn.


This won't hurt, you know. But it does, you know.

The curse is not upon you.

No such thing.

Throw a dog an adjective why don't you?

We'll go with leathery for now.

It will be changed. Father of everything and nothing.

When there is no god to remember.


Håkan "- Mitä meille vielä annetaan?"

Luvun alla - Stephen King: Teloittajat (aika paska)