Quagmire of time is infinite in its expediency
They were fighting to get on this journey to certain death.
All these eager tomorrow people who revered me as a vat-born.
I watched the briefing with such awe and on hindsight, regret.
“sigma-tau-Frost-seven...” that what my friend, no, even brother would have been too small of a word, had been reduced to. “Sent a distress signal most important to the Hegemony of Kirlian, all praise His name”
And they did with resounding aplomb and nodding of heads.
“You’ve all been trained in the psy-tech arts as you will without doubt encounter a very hostile race of beings located in the coordinates provided on the ABC, “Astral-Body-Communique”, I mouthed as the men in power sent us away.
“And there will be no turning back from this great endeavor! The greatest achievement of all time!”
They cheer. The ether chatters back. I walk outside to watch them ascend. And join them. What beautiful toys these children have, but I’m but one voice of a bygone era.
   We would soon know why
Their technology has advanced a thousand years since the Hummingbird was sent.
A breach landing of untold proportion would engulf all opposition? How could anything warrant this show of force?
I am practically immortal. That is my folly. I see the futures. Some of them are happy ones.
Touching hands with the next-gen as they guide me to my cryoregenesis-tomb, I realize that these are warriors. I’ve never struck anyone in my life.
On the ornate pods surface reads: “sigma-tau-Frost-two”
It will instantly disassemble the whole of our being, the fleet even and take us where we want to go.
   It will hurt just for an eternity
I believe he is still I alive. I know he is still alive. I fear I will not be the same if I see it.
My name is Saul Bennett. And I will save my son.
May my father have mercy on my soul.