I am happy.

I am complete.

This caulk has dried up. I lay on the grass and it tickles a bit.

Sun reaches me with its tendrils of colour through the leaves that rustle in the gentlest of winds.

A ray escapes the foliage and stings a bit, I shake it away laughing.

My time; time to get on my feet and do something different while this feeling lasts. And it does.

I walk onto the pier enjoying the feeling of morning dew moistened planks caressing my feet.

While I sit down to meditate, last of the cold leaves me as this river tells its stories languidly playing them over and over on the drums of the rocks beneath.

He comes behind me. I can feel his shadow. We kiss.

"I'm sorry."

No need to be. This is the island that I chose. Paths are ever winding. The way will find me.

New brushes for new canvases.