Dissemblance becomes this fucker so fine. Trembling hands want to shout and grab its throat and snuff the dark out.

"Calm down sir, can you hear me? Get down on the ground, now!" he shoots once and wings him just enough to make him stop.

The grey-eyed man slides the weapon on the floor and looks up at the armor-clad men with a tear-streaked face.

"You have caught me and this is why we will fall. Please don't stop me while I shoot this seed before it bursts."

He then tries to grab the gun again and they put him down in a hail of bullets.

One of the hostages lunges up and throws himself through a window.

Hitting the ground rolling with the splinters and glass-shrapnel stuck in the husk; breaking most of the bones on the hosts right side; it keeps on running.

Turning a corner, moving more swiftly than ever, an armored van tries to keel it over while it just jumps over them on the street disappearing before they can fire a second shot.


The inspectors look at the carnage left behind. There's just one perp on the scene, expertly taken down by the first responding troops.

"Hey, Anwaar! What's this symbol on this guy's necklace?"

The older woman moves over to the corpse motioning the gaggle of forensics to back down for a moment.

"It's seems to be ancient Sumerian... engraved with a name... I'll take a closer look.", She fumbles her reading-glasses as she leans down.

Cicero opens his eyes.

"Medic! This one is alive!"