A steady trot and only a slight snarling.

A steady throb and only a slight searing.


Reached a clearing.


A steady heady. Out for blight.


Should have picked a better night.


It made a gurgling sound,

came at it. Wanting to devour of a thing.


She did.


Maybe she smelled the rot.


Far long'n youn'g. Swatted by paws.

It's a long long way. Back to my grove.

I've never been kissed this way.


As she mounts me I get the fang.

You'd never understand.

Maybe afraid.


I whisper, "How did you know I was a nomad?"


No answers, I yield...

And thrust back with every yelp.


It must have been the music howling for the moon. It burns. It burns It burns...




The fucking eye in the sky, but I've got to pay for the way or else silver coins in my eye.


So I am nearing the woods, and my clothes are shredded to strips.

No way I'm able to get into to Portland. In my state.


So I stop shivering for a moment and concentrate on pushing my claws back in.

I still smell hirsute, like, well, like a wolf that has...


I thumb a cab and I've never felt more alive, stowing a growl, the gal hands me a pair of pants for the ride

Also I smell she's a kind-of-a-vampire, she does not mind me saying so.

Then we start to talk...