Quick and cunning; moving between the Vermilion

I seek the ache and also the gain

Existence always happens in between

These splendid ascensions of mine.

It is suffused by a fragrance of sounds

Colour of love is the indescribable taste of crimson

The hills beckon me to ascend

The caves want me to sleep

Houses with their shining eyes open before me

What is spacetime, to me, but a crutch?

Bigger within than without is the creed

I am pathetic

I will not save you

Didn’t turn out the way they wanted it to

I will discover the hidden you.


Virtus tentamine gaudet - "Faith of the Marble Healer"

Also I seem to breaking some of the basic rules of "an extablished drabble" nowadays 1) one or more characters 2) conflict 3) resolution. Well let's call them transition-drabbles then.

All those that wander are not lost, yet for those who like to start somewhere: Beginnings of the beginning