No place too small for me for I am the hunter and you are... prey.

Disdainfully grabbing the tail of this little punter who came to play.

Oh, but I'm in haste for that becomes me as a matter of fact.

You've met a local legend; for I am first and foremost a cat.

I used to roam in this bright manor so big and full of sound.

Escaping the window my world changed; paws touched ground.

Nowadays the giants rarely try to stop me from roaming.

Days are spent catering to these gentle beings doting.

Sometimes they shun me, treat me like a ghost.

Then I let out a yelp, an ululating mournful boast.


"What are you curious thing? Never seen your kind before." I growl.

Understanding the tone, death-purr, letting it go, starts the prowl.

I must catch, faster plaything! No, not the bushes!

Scrambling; some escape within! My heart rushes!

It goes on like this followed by the sweet embrace of teeth.

Its meat tastes rotten, I sputter at the carcass beneath.

Well the giant gatekeepers like foul things, I shrug.

This must be a perfect gift to leave on the porch rug.

I'm baffled about all the new names I get.

But going to do it all again, wanna bet?


Cats are assholes. (proud owner of two) :3