"To be God is to live every moment of your life at the same time. Imagine everything you ever did and experience and will ever do and feel. And you remember it all, now, all at once. You can't, can you? Of course you can't... None can. And now imagine that you are immortal, maybe even undying barring an unfortunate event of, excuse the pun, some type of divine intervention. Hah!

Brrr... shudders to even think about that. But some gods still try.

We call those beings "gods of chaos" and they are many... and insane, lessened to static that controls nothing still affecting everything.

So even gods limit their own power to some extent, some by simply not being powerful enough to have mastered all of the 8 planes or by definition of their aspect, pure ennui, or a very human emotion. Preservation of self.

If there truly is a one true Tutelary of All, then he, she, xe, automata, what-have-you... must be a bit confused at least.

Well, that's what I was told to tell you anyway.

Time to hit the club?"