Every time the shadow looks like a hand.

It bares the stench.

Sometimes it shows its fangs like a beast.

I arch my neck.

Embrace me; you insane thing,

You've beguiled me,

And will soon deny me of everything.

Every. Thing. Under the sun.

At your leisure...

I succumb to your usurpers desire.

Once a warrior, now a hobo.

Once a man, now a puppet.

Where is my mistress of misery?

She was culled because of me.

"...caress me, take me like a man?"

The hands of the clock move quicker.

At the moment of my ascension to princehood?

I know I'm touched, a bit too insincere.

These dozens of years, have made it clear.

I rip her throat open... finally.

The assemble of Primogen kneel.

Diablerie... finally.

The City will hold.

With a broken steering wheel.

Built upon that fateful night.

When she took my life.