Take caution, oh please take care.

So swiftly do the bitter fangs do what they must.

Come to me in the rain, sleet and snow.

No reason, always season for your stare.

So at my behest, you let me test your musk.

Underpass breathes, wriggling symbols twirl,

Oceans part, and strangest minds start to grow.

Summer's lust, wanton past is here at last, I swear.

Revel in a bed of derailed, embroiled, unbridled lust.

Hunt is nothing, if not the way of the girl.

So lets see you rot, turn all gray and start to show.

It will come to pass, as you realize what he would dare.

It's not a bug gnawing at your temple so the verdict is just.

God lived there for a while, where is your soul tonight?


"Tickly-Tock..." said the Lamenting Scold.

"... would you believe you've been told? Thrice now, thrice shy. Now, I must have your eye."

- Tales of Sciolistic Fiction : Of and Within the Palandrium Ascendance