A paladin travels fast on, steadfast.


Stop sneering. An ancient road, cobbled of stone. *hush* Let them lay themselves upon our ears...



A crossway.


A broken tree across the road. Bones thrown about like ...




She steps up from the stir-ups and tenderly scales down from the back of the saddle.

The saddle is one of those embroidered fancy things, with silver studs and golden paint. Her banner is the Talapian Snake and its' s formssss are painstakingly working their way up her back like some kind of a living thing.

"Draw! Clossseeer, I want to tell you about the knight..."

And then as the grass waves as if for a sigh.

Slither, skitter... some feelings best lef untold.


"Stay your words! Beast!", she spittless the words through trembling gauntlet.




It burst from the sand. Yelling in her mind, clawing at form. Distorting vision and mind. A killer of killers.