And after my bath I started running.

They let me.


Lived for a few hundred years.


Yeah I know... I'm lying again...


I never got to the Sheriff. Way above my blood-grade. So to speak? Better not.

Even a broken toy knows when its magnets don't work anymore.


Every protection and alliance I'd made winked out of existence.

The young ones fled at the mention of my name.


I sunk into the earth. Australia. Happy torpors for me.


Gehenna. Fiery angels raining from the sky. The Blood Moon. Sundering of Gaia. A star conjunction that swallows the sun. The most powerful had left. Well there's your Rapture.

The Ventrue antitribu reigned, a true antichristian triumvirate if such things mattered.


Cain. Lilith. Human history. All that blood just to wake me.

You decide...

"... if I let you live." Sheriff was undeadly serious. Pity.


"Ok, I'm game. You still... unwell. Hello to infinite possibilities."

- Annals of a vessel of Vasantasenā