Come to me in the night, crawl and make the crickets speak. Your hour is mine.

Mine alone. You came for me and read from the notes that I had left on the windowsill.

Shivering and still.

The magnets carry some of your love songs, others will be ingrained in bone.

I wait, I wait, I wait,

a peek-and-boo, a short run and shush!

There's no rush...



It was quite an event, all those balloons, just for me!

Hugs, and small coins three.

Endless were the days, pitching up mischief and tying shoelaces.

Reading mementos, not knowing what are the limits that one should go to.

Found out.

And despair.

Some things are better left or goddamn better to be left unlearned...

Colour of your eyes. Is the same as mine.

Black. For I am Murder.

Troizen's Crush.


 "It was nothing. It was everything. It was me. It ... it... please I don't want to continue with the interview..."

- Harlon Lahatiel Lydford

Minä valehtelin. ;)