My car broke down
You could've swerved; could be on your way

Instead you blew your horn.

This irritation became a permanent injury.
A perfect vehicle of permanence undone by you foolishness to let go and yield, choice was always yours to make.

You asked for it. Now this is, yours, now. Bleating heart.
Happy anniversary to your broken head-space; cranium caved-in gravity.

A fighter fights for money.

I fight to see you fall before me.

It cannot be understated.
I do feel your pain!
And laugh all the same.

The joke that you are will secretly haunt me to the end of my days.

And then serenity beckons.

Punching at shadows has become my earnest profession.

Against the count-down clicks that just “tic-tocks” around.

Flailing ferris wheel of time churns up some more.

Come to terms with mortality to invoke callous slivers
Those that stain your soul the color of intent

Reply in kind, re-ply, be kind.