The day that I discovered my visceral fear. I'd never been afraid until I had to run from my Albanian Rudaj "kujdestar".

Cut my ties to family left on this world. Cut my hair also. Funny.

Light drizzle in the meatpacking district. Two beers, two lifted wallets and one phone number from the handsome bartender at the Irish Inn.

Retry on that lie. Six beers, one stolen credit card with no idea of the pin number and a slap on the face from a bouncer. "Fuck my life."


Undriku was pushed to the ground by a man that ran straight into him.

His ass hit the pavement first. The shout had come from around the corner and it sounded authoritative.

The heavy set man with jumped over him with amazing swiftness and threw a beige women's bag in his lap.

He saw he was wearing exactly the same kind of Anaheim hoodie, that Undriku had just grabbed from the laundry room for the evening "jog".

A mugger?

"Hi jou!" he stumbled up on his feet managing a wrong sounding squeal. No time for English lessons now.

"Freeze! Police! I will shoot!"

The criminal was moving fast and ducked left to an alleyway as Undriku was turning around.

He felt something thud on the bag he was holding. Sound of electricity from the cop’s taser made him drop the bag and run away.

Just a few steps more... *huff huufff*

"I'm wanted for a felony in another state. This cannot happen to me!", he thought yanking a garbage can lid from the corner to cover his escape.

The guy was waiting for him.

Very fast and bigger on his feet than Undriku remembered.The brute barreled close to him and threw a punch.

He slipped down kicking the man in the shin. It hurt. Him. The guy barely groaned. Shards of brick splintered all over the alley as he shattered a wall with his fist.

A meta!

"Name's Targun, deadmeat." the guy smirked and pushed them both through a window his smirk twisting to the point of insanity.

"It's going to start hurting any second now.", he twist, another pummeling punch gouging the concrete by Undriku's head gave him time to push and twist the other way up and standing. Ready to fight.

"PAK! PAK! PAK!" The hulking meta is hit in the back by the bullets. Undriku spots that the warehouse is filled with leaking canisters bearing "flammable" signs.

"Fuck my life."

Two steps and the building lights up with an explosion strong enough to carry him through the broken window smashing straight into the two officers. They're dazed. He's alive.

Hell of a way to find out you're invulnerable when you are scared. Four months later I was a hero fighting the good fight.

Fear is what keeps me alive.


Päivitys 10.5.2017